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Further Maths

I am currently a student studying towards a MSci Physics at UCL. I enjoy my course very much and I would like to share my passion for science and maths which I have had since young to more young people. I know why some questions might seem tricky to the students as I have a similar mind-set and I am confident I can help my tutees to think more independently, which is most important skill in my opinion.
Teaching Experience
I have had two years of tutoring experience and I am very proud in my achievement so far. I have done extensive work during summer time in China and on average I was tutoring for more than 3 hours a day. From my experience in tutoring in two different countries (GCSE and A-Levels), I have found out that the Chinese students spend a lot more time in finding and practising problem. Although maths and sciences demand conceptual understanding more than any other subjects, practices still makes prefect and examination techniques are only learnt the most efficiently this way. Therefore I always encourage my tutee to spend more time on individual learning as well. My previous tutees have went on to Edinburgh, Manchester, Durham and many other leading universities.
Previous Schools
Campbell College Belfast
Geographic Teaching Area
Central London

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