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Currently studying MSci Chemistry at UCL. I have always interpreted science to be the pursuit of logic and reason. In my opinion, the fields of study that truly explore these ideals are Chemistry and Mathematics. My interest in Chemistry began developing at GCSE level where fundamental reaction principles were first introduced. This was key in fostering my ongoing interest in the subject. The appreciation I have for Mathematics stemmed from its vital inclusion in Thermodynamics and Quantum Theory and its application in these fields highlights the transition of chemistry as hypothetical to theoretical. I feel that interest in these subjects can be fostered through the understanding of the basic philosophies which intertwine them. I believe that Chemistry is the most important science of all, as it is essentially the study of the building blocks of all that exists, and Mathematics provides the logic to their existence. In all my tutoring sessions, I always endeavour to ensure sound understanding and to foster interest of these topics within my students. Subjects taught: Chemistry, Maths, Science

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