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English as a Foreign Language

I graduated from Oxford and now work as a full time tutor - I have gathered around 300 hours of tuition experience in 2015 alone. Originally from Germany, I did a yearlong exchange program in Russia whilst at school and now speak Russian fluently. On returning to Germany, I won a scholarship, which allowed me to attend the Scientific Branch of the Landesschule Pforta, a public boarding school of long-standing tradition. I read Physics and Maths at Oxford afterwards. Whilst at university, I took part in numerous extracurricular activities. I was awarded Blues status for rowing in the university team, performed in theatre and took up additional language tuition. After university, I joined the BBCs Research and Development Department, where he worked on a wide range of technology projects, ranging from high-efficiency media distribution via the Internet to the nuts and bolts of mobile phone networks. In February 2015, he left the BBC at his own request, in order to focus on an early-stage business idea with a friend, and to expand his teaching.

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