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Thomas is a creative and empathetic tutor who always receives excellent feedback from clients. Thomas has a BA in history from King’s College London, an MA in Creative Writing and he has just received an MA in Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths. He is also a published short story writer and is working on a novel.

Thomas has worked as a tutor for over three years. He has taught Maths, English and History to GCSE level and English and History to A-level. He has a lot of experience with the 11+ and his former students have gained places at schools of their choice including Dulwich College, Sevenoaks, JAGS, Alleyn’s and City of London School for Girls. Thomas believes that alongside a strong grasp of facts and exam techniques it is imperative to build a student’s confidence. With this in mind his tutoring always seeks to determine what makes a student tick and how this can be transformed into confident learning.

In his own words: “A large part of exam success is built around a student’s ability to communicate understanding clearly and concisely. I have an immense passion for the written word and fervently believe that rather than an innate talent, unique to some, writing is in fact a skill that can be learnt by all. Developing a students confidence is at the centre of everything we do.”


Thomas helped our 7 year old succeed in his entrance exams. He proved himself to be a very competent tutor. He is very personable and very quickly developed a good relationship with our son. He understood what makes our son tick and tailored his sessions to engage his interest. Our son really liked Thomas and commented "Thomas makes it fun, it's not like work with him!". He is always punctual and well prepared. We would highly recommend Thomas.


Thomas is punctual and extremely well organized for each session. He has an easy, friendly manner and consequently our daughter seems very comfortable and relaxed with him. Thomas thoroughly plans every session and has used various techniques to keep things interesting. I remember them looking at Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters on the computer a couple of weeks back and it seemed to generate some good discussion and a nice piece of work at the end of it. Thomas updates me on progress after each session and will let me know what they are going to work on the following week. Thomas seems to genuinely enjoy what he does and if he sees something that needs work in one session, he factors that into preparation for the next session. Our daughter looks forward to her session with Thomas and her results have improved significantly.


Tom made all the difference for me as I prepared for my History GCSE. I progressed from a mediocre mark in my mock to an A* in the real thing. Tom excelled at explaining exactly what was needed for each question, and how the structure should be used to produce the best answer. I was able to send him practice questions every week, which was great for getting used to the style and form needed. He was also a very friendly and relaxed guy to deal with. I have absolutely no doubt that without Tom's help I would not have achieved my A* at GCSE and gone on to study History at A-level.


I have known Thomas for well over a year since he has been tutoring my daughter for the 11+ examinations. At all times I have found Thomas to be reliable and punctual and extremely thorough in his work. He has helped with both English and Maths and was quick to determine exactly where my daughter needed extra help. Thomas is extremely motivating and has encouraged my daughter with her English (where she was struggling) and has given her so much confidence in both her reading and written work. My daughter has gained places at JAGS, Sevenoaks, an academic scholarship at Sydenham High and a place at Emmanuel. I firmly believe that the extra support Thomas has given my daughter has made a positive difference to these achievements. Both my children always enjoy their lessons with Thomas as he is friendly and courteous and focuses on making learning both interesting and enjoyable. I am very happy to recommend Thomas as an excellent tutor

K. J-J. Dulwich

Harry thoroughly enjoyed his sessions with Thomas. He was 100 reliable and always made the sessions fun - using football references for maths was a brilliant idea! I often heard Harry giggling during their sessions and he was really motivated to work hard for Thomas. It was also really helpful of Thomas to direct me to the most appropriate 11+ papers to practice. Harry was subsequently offered places at his chosen schools so we were delighted. Thank you Thomas so much!


Thomas is, and always has been competent, intelligent, trustworthy and qualified. Always on time and reliable, he adapted immediately to our son, and delivered beyond our expectations.


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