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Previously, I did my schooling and under-graduation from India and possess a BE in Civil Engineering and immediately pursued ME in Civil/Structural Engineering and worked as a Structural Engineer (EIT) for approximately two years for Permasteelisa North America, USA and traveled back to India and worked there for approximately 4 months as a Design Engineer and immediately planned to pursue MSc in Construction Project Management at London South Bank University. I am currently a full-time student at LSBU and am actively searching for a role as a Maths Tutor to build on existing teaching skills. I am well organised and a capable individual possessing strong communication and interpersonal skills, easily understood by students. Also possess good presentation and skills and can operate on tight schedules.
Teaching Experience
Feb'15 Ongoing, GCSE KS2-3 Maths Home tutoring
Currently, tutoring Mathematics to an 8yr old kid at his house in Chigwell and preparing him for his exams and to enter Grammar school when he turns 11yrs old.

Jan' 15 Ongoing, GCSE Tutor, ATL Learning Centre, Deptford Lounge, London, UK

Tutoring KS1 till 4 Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to children from the ages of 7-16 on Saturdays.

Using aids (Math lab, smart board etc.) to give concrete idea of the concepts to the students.

Concentrating on feedback from students.

Always keeping good relationship with the students.

Feb' 11 - Sept' 11, Maths Tutor, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA

Tutored Mathematics to undergraduates, especially Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Geometry and Differentiation Integration

Executed essential responsibilities and possess strong communication and analytical skills and so was able to extract, interpret and present relevant information and advice to management.

Maintained Strong interpersonal relationships, with the ability to communicate and work with personnel from a wide variety of professional disciplines and nationalities.

April'11 - Aug' 11, Chemistry Tutor, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA

Tutored Organic Chemistry to undergraduates during my time at Iowa State University

Aug' 06 - Nov' 09, Maths Tutor, Hyderabad, India

Tutored my cousin on various courses from 5th - 8th grade Mathematics several times few years back in India

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