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I live in London, quite close to the City Centre. As far as language tuition is concerned, I have extensive experience as I have being doing that for years. Last July I obtained my "DITALS LS/L2"certificate officially qualifying myself as an Italian language teacher for foreigners. I worked here in London as an in-house translator for an American company for almost a year, and my last day with this company was May 8, 2015. I have a functional view of the language and I always tend to focus more on developing the communication skills of the students than on grammar (which still remains of crucial importance).

Since graduating I have been working as a freelance teacher and translator, teaching the languages I know at various private schools and also at the University of Bari for 4 years as a Contract Professor and translating literary and legal, business and marketing documents from English, French and Serbo-Croatian into Italian. I am an Italian native speaker and I am fluent in English, French and Serbo-Croatian. I obtained a M.A. Hons in Foreign Languages and Literatures in 2004, at the University of Bari, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French language and literature as my first language). Then I received my 2 year Phd in Literary and Linguistic Studies at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology, in 2008.

I have a sound knowledge of French and Italian languages and grammarand the passion for the tuition of languages I have always had leads me to pay extreme attention to detail and grammar, so that I am ready to answer all types of questions about Italian and French languages and literatures the students may ask me. When possible, I try to get to the answer together the students, trying to elicit opinions and observations. I am very patient and easygoing as well.

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