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English as a Foreign Language

Following graduation, I spent 3 years working as an Investment Banking Analyst in the field of Mergers Acquisitions.
I have also created my own range of milkshakes that are available in hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores in Asia. The day to day activities of this venture are managed by local agents and distributors in the Middle East, Singapore and the Philippines.

Teaching Experience
2001-2003 Kumon Maths Assistant
2002-2008 Freelance Private Maths Tutor

2007-2008 Teacher of English as a Foreign Language to 11-16 year olds at a government school in Sri Lanka

2008 Volunteer Teacher for Christian Aid

Previous Schools
1996-2001 Wanstead High School
2001-2003 Bancroft's School

2003-2007 Trinity College, Cambridge University

Geographic Teaching Area
German from age 11 to A-Level and Maths from age 7 to GCSE

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