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I left school with my A-levels and spent the subsequent year, working first, then travelling around South East Asia and across the US – this with a deferred place to study Mathematics at the University of Bath in mind. However, halfway through my travels, I decided that I liked Philosophy very much more than Maths, so I took another year out so that I could apply to do PPE at Oxford: I spent the extra year living and working in London. Having successfully applied to Oriel College, Oxford, for PPE, and then three years later awarded with a First, I stayed on at Oxford, moving to Worcester College to do a Master of Studies in Philosophy. I finished in September 2013, moved to London in October 2013 – to work as a tutor and to spend my free time studying Philosophy and writing fiction. I will apply to do a PhD in the next year or two, but will remain in London. A year on, I am part of the way through my first novel, working on several Philosophy papers ultimately destined for submission to academic journals, and have over 300 hours tutoring experience.
Previous Teaching Experience:
TSA: I’ve tutored five pupils, three girls and two boys, between the ages of 17-19. Maths and English: Since September 2014, I have taught Maths and English to a group of three students, twice a week, in Year 6. I have also taught Maths A-level. Philosophy: Over ten weeks, I spent an average of twelve hours a week teaching a Philosophy student re-taking his A-levels. Having struggled throughout the year both personally and educationally – he was three years older than his classmates and lived alone, he got an 'E' in his last mock exam - he needed both coaching and teaching. Politics: As the primary Politics teacher at a tutorial college, I took four students over the academic year to their A-level exams. One scored 99/100 on a paper (unusual in a Humanities subject); another, re-taking having previously failed the papers, achieved an A overall. I’ve also provided last-minute exam support to two other students. Sports Science: At GCSE level, I have tutored a Saudi Arabian student for two months whilst he was in the UK. Other: I’ve mentored and coached children and young adults on ‘The Mcguire Programme’, a speech therapy course.

PPE, University of Oxford
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