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I have been living in London for three years now, to start a new career in health and social sciences. Previously, I was born and lived in Paris for the first 25 years of my life. I always show curiosity and respect towards the unique approach that every learner needs when assimilating new knowledge.

Previous Teaching Experience:
I have become a home tutor since I have been living in London, working previously as a home and volunteer tutor in Paris and organising various classes as a Dietician as well. As a Dietician I organised classes for pregnant women, diabetics and obese patients, training these specific target groups for a healthy diet such as well as through individual guidance. As a home tutor, I was responsible for organising and presenting a range of educational programs to a minor with severe learning and concentration disabilities. When I was volunteering for the French Red Cross in Paris, I set up a project with duration of 2 months to train foreign women basic French language skills. With my group of teachers, we were in charge of organising, presenting and transferring all French active and passive language skills to specific target groups such as women from Sri Lanka who showed severe linguistic disadvantages. In light of my past and current experience as a Home Tutor, I have realised how much I enjoy conveying knowledge and helping people to improve specific skills. I have developed an interest in all my students as unique persons. From the beginning, we establish goals and to stay positive and resilient towards efforts. My students have a positive experience of learning, and this achievement has been very rewarding to me.

BSc, Psychology, City University London, 2014
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