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I have achieved highly throughout my educational life; I received an award for the best GCSE results in my school and obtained three A*s at A-level. I obtained first class results in my first two years at university and achieved a very high 2:1 in my third year in spite of a family bereavement just before and funeral during my first week of exams. I have also received a number of scholarships and awards for my results at university. I am a keen sportsperson, playing both football and hockey, and I am also self taught at a number of instruments (piano, guitar and, most recently, the tin whistle). I have also volunteered extensively since I was young, and have dealt with a diverse range of children and young adults through being a Scouting Young Leader, loading containers to send to Africa and as a responsible adult on a school expedition to Malawi.
Previous Teaching Experience:
I have taught law at Cambridge University and King's College, London over the past year (details are in my CV), but have also tutored peers throughout my education; primarily maths, physics and history.

History, University of Cambridge, 2013
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