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I have successfully studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A-levels, which has significantly increased my enthusiasm for the Sciences, in particular Biology and Chemistry - of which my Bachelors of Science (Hons) degree was predominantly based on.
My classroom based work experience as a teaching assistant, as well as the private tutoring I've provided has taught me that tutoring style needs to be adapted to suit the recipient's needs and that one should to be creative and concise in conveying facts and theories to engage their student and aid them in achieving their full academic potential in their relevant subject. I've realised this through helping top and lower sets of students from year sevens to year elevens, as well as sixth form students.

Teaching Experience
Science Teaching Assistant for classes of year 7 to year 11.
Private Tutoring for Science GCSE individuals.

Previous Schools
Acton High School,
Ruislip High School

Geographic Teaching Area

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