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Rohun was born and raised in South London. He has a BA (Hons) in Language and Culture from University College London, where he was given a distinction in spoken Spanish in his final year class lists, having spent his third year abroad in Valencia. His degree involved study of a variety of interdepartmental courses, including Italian and German as minor languages, Spanish film, Latin American literature and Comparative European history and even a module called Nordic Landscapes!

Following his undergraduate studies, he worked in the English as a foreign language teaching industry for five years, in mainland China, Japan and Spain (the Basque Country, Madrid and Catalonia) as well as on UK summer schools. His experience with English language teaching is broad, being confident with groups and one-to-ones in multilingual and monolingual settings, including teaching children aged 4+ up to teenagers as well as businesspeople and adults. He has encountered SEN students in the EFL classroom and has also taught exam preparation for Cambridge and Trinity English assessment examinations and tutored an adult studying a postgraduate in law.

Rohuns breadth of experience in his studies and classroom teaching means he is delighted to prepare students for English and Mathematics school entrance examinations, having taken the 10+ entrance himself. He is also able to prepare students studying Spanish to GCSE and A Level. He takes a holistic and emotionally centred approach where possible, understanding that effective learning can only take place where the learner is genuinely engaged with the subject. He is keen to encourage learner creativity in study skills and learner autonomy. It was studying Spanish films from the 1970s and 80s and Picassos Guernica at A-Level that inspired him to pursue Spanish as the major component of his degree. Similarly, he hopes to sensitively nurture tutees to find their own key to unlock the door to their motivation and passion for learning, so that she or he can go on to achieve their potential in their schooling and wider life later on.

Rohun is widely travelled, having lived and worked abroad and previously volunteered in Argentina with underprivileged children in a refuge. He also enjoys world music, following current affairs and visiting art exhibitions. He is also currently an MA in Education postgraduate student in London fulltime.

Language and Culture, University College London
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