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I am currently applying to do a Masters in acting. I love languages and the arts. I am fluent in French, having worked and lived in France and also speak Arabic and Spanish. I am well read and have a particular interest in English, French and Arabic literature as well as Middle Eastern politics. With students preparing for examinations I work systematically through the curriculum, improving weaknesses and building on strengths. I offer targeted exam practise and develop effective revision strategies to ensure success. I also offer support and guidance for University and Oxbridge applications. I recognise that everyone has his or her own ways of learning and together we will build on what works for you. I also understand that in life there are times that we have to study subjects that are not our number one passion. I have had to do that myself and I have developed a range of techniques to make the most of these situations. At University I combined my academic studies with running the Oxford Art Movement, acting (including touring Japan with the Oxford University Drama Society and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe) and representing my college in sport. I play the flute to relax and have toured Europe as part of a wind band (I am still proud of the fact that I managed to get a Grade 8 distinction!) Hello, Im Becky and I read French and Arabic at Oxford University (BA Hons 2:1). I am determined in everything that I do. And that includes making sure that you achieve the success in the exams or the entrance to the school or university that you want. Together we will succeed! We will do it with hard work and a bit of fun. This has been my approach throughout my own academic career. I believe that you learn best when you are enjoying yourself and seeing progress. Confidence comes as a result of this. I build my pupils confidence so they can excel. My techniques are catered to the individual students needs and are as creative and flexible as possible to ensure she or he flourishes. I look to understand how each student learns best and develop his or her independent learning skills.

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