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I am currently pursuing a master's degree in chemistry at Imperial College London. My passion for science lies in that everything that surrounds us can be explained logically with the help of scientific concepts. The approach I take in teaching involves concentrating on application, rather than simply memorising facts, and delivering material in fun and attractive ways. I believe that only then students fully engage in learning and are capable of using their true potential. Having successfully completed my International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 2012, I have first-hand knowledge of the programme and I am also closely familiar with A-level and GCSE curricula. I have teaching experience in both academic and non-academic environments. I have previously mentored in an academic summer camp for A-level students in Cambridge International Centre of Shanghai Guanghua College, where I was responsible for running the chemistry teaching programme. Moreover, I have taken part in peer-based learning tutorials in small groups both at school and university. I teach Biology and Mathematics at GCSE and A-Level, and Chemistry from GCSE to 3rd year undergraduate.

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