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Grew up in Cambridge, and then attended the University of Edinburgh to read Geography. My third year of University was spent at the University of Cantabria in Santander. My tutoring experience began while teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) in China in 2009-2010. In several private academies, I also tutored one-to-one EFL, Chemistry and International Business. In 2010-2011, I taught in an EFL academy in Sevilla (Spain), and also partook in a residential role in Bergamo (northern Italy), home-tutoring two Italian brothers aged 8 and 12 (while also teaching in the afternoons in the local school). In my free time, I enjoy regularly playing tennis. I am also a bit of a movie-buff and often stream movies online/go to the cinema. A more unusual hobby of mine is appearing on TV quiz shows, the most recent being in March 2014 on Revenge of the Egghead - which resulted in a team win!

Previous Teaching Experience:
I have been tutoring for several years now, both in the UK and abroad in China, Spain and Italy. Originally (2009-2010), I was originally class-room/lecture-hall based, but in recent years have built up significant experience tutoring one-to-one. My main tutor specialism is Geography (from 13+ to undergraduate level), but I also have experience tutoring Maths, French and Science from 13+ to GCSE, as well as English as a foreign language (to a variety of levels) and more general essay writing techniques and proofreading services. I am about to begin tutoring Chinese Mandarin to a beginner.

Geography, University of Edinburgh, 2009
MSc, Environmental Studies, Imperial College London, 2012
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