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English as a Foreign Language


College Marie de France- Baccalaureat, Serie D, Natural Sciences
McGill University- Bachelor of Commerce
London Business School- MBA
Institute of Education, University of London- PGCE: French as a second language, Secondary level.


Freelance French Tutor in London: Teaching French to business people, one to one. 4 years.
French Teaching Assistant: working mainly with years 6 and 7 students, in Montreal in a trilingual primary school. 5 years
French/English Teaching Assistant: working in a bilingual primary school in London, working with year 5 and 6 children. 1 1/2 years.
French tutor: 6 years both in Montreal and London teaching primary and secondary level students.

Why I tutor:

I enjoy working with students (children and adults) who can benefit from my knowledge of French. Knowing that I am teaching them something new or helping them master a new language is very satisfying. I also like the fact that I work with the students one-to-one. It allows me to get to know them better and to tailor our sessions to their specific needs. Finally, I enjoy the flexibility that tutoring offers in terms of hours of work and variety of students and levels that I teach.

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