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I have studied law at the University of Law where I achieved a Commendation on the Legal Practice Course. Learning any subject requires a lot of practice and commitment. Consequently, my method of teaching reflects this. I will ensure that the student learns all of the main areas for each topic. Practicing writing essays and doing problem questions also forms a part of my teaching method. The only way to be successful is to practice. I would aim to build upon the student's strong points and deal with any areas of difficulty. I would like to meet the student, so that I can build a tuition plan and talk to the student about the aims for the sessions. Whether the tutoring occurs weekly or from time to time is up to the student. I also did a history degree, and teach up to degree level. My specialities include American, European and Medieval history. In my spare time, I enjoy reading crime novels such as Agatha Christie's Poirot. Playing cricket and badminton are also my passions and I am an active member of my local Conservative Association.
Previous Teaching Experience:
I have taught A-level history and law.

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