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Personable, multi-skilled Oxford Graduate tutor with results focus, specialising in economics, languages, and Oxbridge preparation. Proven track record with students in exam preparation across all levels (Degree, A Level, GCSE, 13+, 11+) and 100% success rate in 6th Form and Oxbridge applications. I always seek to tailor sessions to the individual needs and interests of my pupils in order to make the learning process enjoyable. I strongly believe that academic excellence is attainable for any pupil with the right attitude and guidance and am passionate about helping students achieve their full potential. Aside from tutoring my interests include language learning – I'm bilingual in English and Greek, proficient in French, Portuguese and Italian - playing sport particularly football, tennis and martial arts, public speaking and entrepreneurship.

Previous Teaching Experience:
I have successfully tutored students for exam preparations in various subjects (Economics, French, Greek, Maths) and at various levels (Degree, A Level, GCSE). I also specialise in Oxbridge applications and have a 100% success rate in this area.

Economics, University of Oxford, 2013
Schools attended
St Paul's School, London
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