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I am a medical doctor, by training, with a certificate also in Counseling and Medical Hypnosis. The former solidified my skills in science, assessment and critical thinking, and the latter particularly supported my skills in stress management. It is my understanding that a Personal Tutor has academic support, professional support, social support, advisory support, and assessment and communication responsibilities. I am highly qualified to perform these responsibilities in an informed and skillful manner, and I have the personal and professional motivation to do so. Both developed my client insight, commitment to confidentiality, and theory application. My employment background includes being an instructor for undergraduate degree students, lecturing in forensics and bio-psychology, and being a highly valued clinical research assistant for an internationally reputable neuroscience researcher, under whose mentorship I co-authored three significant scientific research publications. I am cross-culturally fluent, having studied medicine in China, and having taught and researched in Sri Lanka, among various cultural groups. My English is excellent as my education was in English medium. I am an exceptional communicator and a very good judge of what needs to be communicated and what needs to be protected as private. Others describe me as calm and mature, and I notice that friends and acquaintances seek me out for academic and professional support, as well as for the caring role I am able to facilitate. I have always had good working relationships with my students, colleagues, and with my superiors. I am independently motivated and an enthusiastic and cooperative team member. I motivate myself and others toward higher potential, inspire colleagues and teammates; develop successful strategies, meet challenges with positive commitment, and I provide cooperative leadership. In addition to my employment context, I developed these skills while holding office in student organisations in school and university. I am currently enrolled at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David London campus for my MBA in General Management (health and social care).
Previous Teaching Experience:
From August 2011 to Jan 2014- lecturer Bio Psychology and Forensic Psychology at the Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology (offering BSc and MSc form the University of Hertfordshire).

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