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English as a Foreign Language

I can teach French, Spanish and TEFL to a range of ages and levels. My academic background in languages means that I can pick out and untangle any problems with grammar and help students to build a more advanced and sophisticated vocabulary repertoire. Having grown up in both France and Spain as a child, I am a fluent speaker of both languages and have experience of teaching both from 11+ exams up to degree level. I`ve also taught EFL to elementary and pre-intermediate levels. For those who wish to focus solely on being able to speak confidently in another language for travel /social purposes, I believe that much of this is about enabling a risk taking attitude and exploiting language and culture in a meaningful way. I can develop students language skills in order to cope confidently in everyday situations, get around things they don`t know how to say and discuss interesting and contemporary issues. I have a range of motivating activities that can help students to talk with confidence and they will always receive correction in a clear and unthreatening environment.

Previous Teaching Experience:
3 years experience of KS3 up to Degree level in both Spanish and French. Also TEFL teaching experience from beginner to proficiency

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