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I am a professional educator with international background in teaching and educational management. My university studies allowed me to gain in-depth theoretical comprehension of language and literacy development in bilingual children. Combined with teaching experience in Iceland and the UK, I have been able to apply this knowledge in practice.
Holding a number of administrative positions within supplementary language schools of Reykjavik and London allowed me to gain solid managerial skills and understanding of complex educational management systems in various countries. I am a strong advocate of bilingual education and mother tongue support eager to develop myself and further career in the educational sector.

Teaching Experience
La Petite iScole Bilingue, Russian Club, November 2014 - present
Fulham Branch Administrator and Teacher, London

Russian language tutor, London, September 2010 - present

Freelance Individual and In-group Tutor, London

Head Russian Teacher and Elected President, Iceland

Previous Schools
MA International Studies in Education
University of Iceland

Thesis: Acquiring bilinguality: a multiple case-study of bilingual children in Reykjavik

MA Erasmus Exchange Programme

Institute of Education, UCL

Modules: The Multilingual Classroom, Understanding Education Research, Multilingual and Multicultural London

BA in English (Sociolinguistics)

University of Iceland

Thesis: Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in Iceland: A Study of the Importance of Mother Tongue Support for Bilingual Children in Iceland

Russian Language and Literature

Moscow Pedagogical State University

General Certificate of Secondary Education

Romain Rolland French Primary and Secondary School, Moscow

Russian language, culture and literature

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