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After completing the IB at Sevenoaks School, I took a Gap Year before going to Girton College, Cambridge to study Classics. For four months I partook in some voluntary teaching in Kenya under the Africa Asia Venture scheme. I was placed in a village in the Rift Valley working at a school amidst a kind poverty I had never before encountered. The children touched me in a way I never expected them to, their brightness and joy, and the chance to have a positive effect on their lives was an experience that incited within me a passion to teach which has never left me.

Directly after receiving my degree, I moved out to New York where I worked in film in various capacities. I also spent time at Columbia University where I took MA courses in Film History and Screenwriting. Soon after, I moved to Los Angeles where I was fortunate enough to sell my first screenplay. Since returning to London I have written two other screenplays on spec and my first novel, Love, or Something Else which is currently out on submission. While I will always write in my spare time, it feels right for me now to make the transition into full-time teaching; I would like the opportunity to affect children on a broader scale as well as to improve my own abilities as a teacher.

Furthermore, I believe strongly that beyond education, children need an approach determined by care and this is my primary approach. For example, over a two-year period, I tutored two young Lebanese brothers while their mother was undergoing treatment for cancer. I was still working with them when she died. For a while the educational side of our lessons took a backseat and I focused instead on taking them out and keeping them busy, providing what stability I was able to amongst such turmoil.

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