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I am an experienced enthusiastic educator with a life long passion for teaching and learning. After completing a degree in Archaeology (awarded First Class) I trained to be a science teacher at Kings College London, and taught science in the UK and Switzerland. I then returned to the UK to complete a Masters degree in Palaeoanthropology. Regarding my tutor style, I am sensitive to individual needs and believe that a personalised, multi sensory and dynamic lesson plan, positive encouragement and assessment for learning is key for a student to succeed and understand the direction of their learning moving forward. My lessons appeal to multiple intelligences with activities timed to suit the needs of an individual.

My teaching provides each student with a firm grounding in the subject knowledge through meaningful learning, as well as the guidance and encouragement to then use this knowledge to solve problems critically when faced with different scenarios. I regularly return to previous concepts through question based discussion in order to adapt future lesson plans if this reveals misconceptions still exist within the students understanding. When preparing for tests I work with students to maximise examination technique with plenty of practice under time pressure as well as developing an understanding of how to achieve the maximum number of marks for each question.

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