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English as a Foreign Language


BA Hons English Linguistics and Film Studies (2:1)
CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) B
CELTYL (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners)
DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults)


I have been teaching English for 6 years and have gained valuable experience in a wide range of contexts. I have taught adults, young learners and teenagers at all levels of English in different countries. I have also tutored for specific exams (IELTS, CAE and PET) as well as GCSE English language and literature. As Director of Studies in a summer school for young learners, I now manage a team of wonderful teachers and truly enjoy helping them develop and grow in their profession. I enjoy leading workshops on various topics related to teaching, learning and classroom management.

Why I tutor:

I love teaching and I enjoy working with people on a one to one basis as the learning becomes more personalised and unique. Being brought up bilingual (English and Portuguese) means I have also had first hand experience on how challenging it can be to master two languages fluently when it comes to reading, writing and spelling. It is, however, a great advantage and I am very grateful for it. Growing up I had a good tutor who helped me balance the languages and made learning fun and motivated me to work hard. It is good that I can now do the same for others.

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