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I am a 2nd year, UCL Economics student. Economics is without doubt my favourite subject. The applications to real life and the concepts are so relevant to the actual world, it gives me a feeling of learning something that is useful! Maths is deeply intertwined with Economics. It is one of the very few subjects that can give someone a strong sense of satisfaction after completing a question correctly. Furthermore, Mathematics is an essential skill that everyone is expected to have. It is a subject that may seem to be difficult but in actual fact, once you understand it, it can be simple. I used to have problems with Maths, so I can relate to students' frustration, and I look forward to helping them overcome these challenges. Apart from my studies, I am also an avid piano player who loves listening to all kinds of music. However, I very much enjoy fiction reading, news browsing and chess playing as well. Subjects taught: Economics, Maths

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