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I recently graduated from University College London with a Physics MSci I will be teaching Physics and Maths to students, in such a way as to improve their understanding while focusing on acquiring a good exam technique. I understand that these subjects can be challenging but I believe that with patience and structured tutoring, targeting problem areas, they can become accessible to all. Getting a good grasp on the basic principals of Physics and Maths is key to making progress when solving problems. I want to impress on my students that these subjects are exciting and highly relevant to the world we live in - Physics is a means to logically explain the universe and with research constantly advancing, it heavily influences many things in our daily lives; from weather updates to ever developing technology. While these subjects may not be everyone's cup of tea, I hope to increase students' confidence in their abilities in an enjoyable way. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, baking and going to the theatre. Subjects taught: Maths, Physics

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