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I come from a strong academic, creative and business background, having studied degrees in both Economics with German and Music and having worked within my family business. I emphasise the importance of clear communication and often teach creatively using real world analogies to help students establish context for their subject matter and promote understanding and application. I am organised, enthusiastic and patient and enjoy motivating and helping students to reach their full potential. My interests include travel, Zumba, swimming, nutrition and playing the Ukulele.
Previous Teaching Experience:
For the past year I have been tutoring A Level students music theory weekly on a one to one basis at Morpeth School in Bethnal Green as a volunteer. I also undertook training with the charity Action Tutoring and participated in a one-off GSCE Maths revision tuition day at Bethnal Green Academy for year 11 students. These experiences have been rewarding and I am passionate about learning and inspiring people.

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