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I am a chemistry Italian Post-graduate student at UCL. I have been doing both private tutoring and tutoring at La Sapienza University of Rome. I speak six languages among which I can teach four (French, Spanish, English and Italian).
My Bsc degree took place at La Sapienza University of Rome but until then I always studied in a French system at Lycée Chateaubriand de Rome. I am therefore now biligingual French-Italian. Finally, I mastered my Spanish living one year in Barcelona.

I am available to tutor science and languages to kids and adults, in groups or privately. My experience in this field taught me that having a singular teaching method is not enough. Every session needs to be tailored to the student needs and learning method.
Generally, students who learn to appreciate the subject tend to achieve better results therefore I also try to introduce in my way of teaching curiosities and interactive learning depending on the audience.

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