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I am currently studying MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. I also have a BSc in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath, majoring in Chemistry. I would like to assist people with their studies and hopefully encourage their interest in STEM subjects. From previous work experience I have gained good organisation and time-keeping skills. Not only do I have boundless energy and enthusiastic about education, but I also adapt well to the pace and culture of new environments. I am an articulate individual as well as patient and attentive. I feel it is essential to realise that not everyone learns in the same way. Therefore it is extremely important to relate to students and find new and engaging ways to explain concepts that students may find difficult to understand. I am passionate about helping students improve their understanding in whichever subjects they feel they require help in. Furthermore, I can provide insight if a student is thinking of pursuing scientific subjects at University; from giving advice about different universities and the courses offered, to how to apply and write personal statements.
Previous Teaching Experience:
• Structuring personal statements for UCAS • Advising young people wanting to go to university and the possible routes available to them, particularly in STEM subjects. • Classroom assistant at HeathHouse Prep school for reception and year 1 as part of school work experience (1 week) • Have assisted pupils with GCSE Science and Maths in preparation for their final exams.

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