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English Literature
Theatre Studies

I am a bubbly 24 year old actress who is looking for students for private tuition. I hold a degree in Classical Literature and Civilisation from the University of Birmingham, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Musical Theatre from the Royal Academy of Music. As an actress and with musical instrumental skills too, I am very creative and thoroughly enjoy teaching and passing on skills to others, especially working with children.
Teaching Experience
I have taught several students on a 'one-to-one' basis. Subjects taught include: A Level English Literature, A Level Drama and Voice Coaching. I am also able to tutor History and English up to A Level standard, Music to GCSE and am comfortable with most subjects up to KS3. I am also available to teach Beginner Violin, as well as public speaking and drama school audition coaching.
Previous Schools
St Albans Girls' School
Geographic Teaching Area
Arts, Literature, History, Music

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