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English Literature

<p>Born to an American mother and a British father, both of whom are teachers, I have always had a love for teaching - and reading! I was homeschooled for around 3 years as a child and this experience has given me the skills and knowledge to pass on to the homeschool students I now tutor. I took the CELTA EFL qualification when I was 18 and since then have been teaching and tutoring to groups, classes and individual students. I tutored English as a Foreign Language, English GCSE and Public speaking while at King&#39;s College London.&nbsp;I have gained hundreds of hours of experience in tutoring multiple subjects up to A level and mentoring pupils of all ages.</p>


<p>&quot;Emily tutored three pupils for English as a Foreign Language. The family were incredibly happy with Emily. She kept the lessons fun, yet informative and the children really liked her and looked forward to seeing her each week. Emily was very flexible with the times and locations that they met each week which was very helpful and was always happy and upbeat. Emily had a very refreshing attitude and they would definitely recommend her to their friends and family.&quot;</p>

<p>&quot;My daughter Olivia has had Emily as a tutor for a couple of months and really likes her. Emily is intelligent, kind, patient, empathic and highly competent. Olivia has been struggling a bit at school and Emily has done a huge amount to encourage, support and teach her in inventive and fun ways. I would recommend Emily very highly.&quot;</p>

BA, French & Hispanic Studies, King's College London
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