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Emilio is currently a full time tutor and will soon on embark on his PhD He is truly passionate about all his subjects and is able to inspire, motivate and impart knowledge with a structured style that is easily grasped by students of all ages, whilst making learning fun. He particularly prides himself on his ability to improvise; he knows his subjects intimately and hence is able to construct worthwhile and informative lessons on the spot with very little or no preparation. This allows him to provide an unrivalled level of flexibility and sensitivity to a student’s needs.

Emilio specialises in Math and Science. He also prepares students for the 11+, 13+ and university entrance. His expertise in his subjects is second to none and his passion palpable. Emilio truly is a charming tutor, dearly loved by his students.

“Thanks very much. Easy to see why Emilio is in such demand. Natalia(name changed for family anonymity)thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with him. The improvement in her maths and science was reflected in her school reports. My entire household including the dog took to Emilio. In Natalia’s words: "mummy, he teaches in such a way that I can see everything." It was a pleasure having him over. I will certainly be in touch in the future.”


Maths- All Levels

Physics- All Levels

11+/13+ entrance exams

Physics, The University of Manchester, 2015
Schools attended
The Cherwell School, Oxford
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