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Business Studies

I recently graduated from The London School of Economics top of my degree class, having achieved the highest overall score on the Accounting Finance BSc programme. I studied a range of subjects including Accounting, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. I scored exceptionally high marks in all of these exams, and have a genuine passion and interest in these subjects.
I have excelled academically, and am keen to pass on my methods/techniques of studying to other students to help them realise their highest potential. I believe learning should not be simply confined to the arbitrary boundaries set in the curriculum. The most effective learning, and development of knowledge comes from studying beyond these, in order to obtain a varied and wide-ranged understanding of a subject. This helps a student master the subject and to perform well in classwork, homework and exams.

I believe that each student needs to be tutored in a unique way suitable to them, and as such take an innovative approach with each student.

I am involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and have a varied range of interests outside of tutoring.

I have worked/interned previously for some of the most prestigious companies in the financial services industry, including: Credit Suisse, Ernst Young, and GE. These work placements have been based around Investment Banking, Management Consultancy and Financial Analysis.

I am a first dan black belt in Karate and have been regularly attending training for ten years, in addition to teaching classes for junior members of my club. Furthermore, I am a keen basketball player, having played as team captain during high school, and more recently have played recreationally on weekends in London.

I currently run an online Ebay business, buying/selling vintage music memorabilia internationally, and have done this with great success over the past six years. I have completed well over 1,500 transactions over this time period and have an average annual gross sales revenue of ԣ3,500.

I have also undertaken a varied range of voluntary work including a summer placement scheme at a local residential home which involved conversing with residents, as well as organising and participating in local trips and leisure activities. I was also previously a member of the specialist Science College Scheme, acting as a mentor for underprivileged children, some of whom had learning difficulties.

Teaching Experience
I have over 180 hours of tutoring experience on both a paid and voluntary basis, and have worked with students from a diverse range of backgrounds. I have experience teaching students from primary school age up to third year undergraduate level students. My specialist subjects are Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies, which I have taught up to IB or A-Level, and at university level on request. I have also provided examination advice, study technique lessons and interview preparation lessons (eg for university interviews).
Previous Schools
The King's School
Geographic Teaching Area
Mathematics, Economics, Business/Finance

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