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Religious Studies

Hello! My name is Ciaran and I am an undergraduate student studying for a BA in Philosophy at University College London. Aside from my studies and tutoring activity, I am a keen musician and have played solo and in a variety of groups. I also enjoy writing.

Previous Teaching Experience:
I have been an independent tutor for a year and a half, and have enjoyed every moment of it! I have tutored both A-level and mature students from abroad taking Access courses, which I feel has provided me with a great breadth of experience. Moreover, I have tutored a range of humanities subjects including Philosophy, Sociology, History, English and Politics, so I have had my tutoring abilities tested in a range of circumstances. These tutoring sessions have also allowed me to engage in video-call tutoring. This, I feel, has stretched my abilities as tutor since it is a tutoring environment which has natural limitations. In addition to tutoring undertaken independently, whilst at college at The Ashcombe School in Dorking, Surrey, I took part in a literacy program for students in year 7 and 8 called 'Word Wasp' ( This I took part in for the duration of my 6th form studies, and it was an experience I found deeply enriching and enjoyable. It's structure allowed myself and the other literacy tutors to develop a rapport with the students, which taught me about the importance of making a student feel comfortable and engaging with them in a friendly manner. As an undergraduate student myself, I aware of the pressures that different educational environments can bring with them. For this reason, I endeavor to help learners with all aspects of their education; be it revision technique and organisation, examination/essay technique, university applications or how to deal with stress and anxiety concerning their learning.

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