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International Baccalaureate 42/45 points
1st Class Honours, English and Philosophy, Durham University
Also Head Girl and Valedictorian for the Class of 2009, International College of Spain


I have been teaching English as a foreign language since I was 15 (as a volunteer at school). Since completing my degree, I have been a freelance tutor teaching students from 6-24yrs from very diverse backgrounds. I have taught students before they have started primary school and also undergraduate/masters students wishing to improve their written work. I have taught French and Spanish to Secondary school students, helped a student pass her re-takes in IB English Higher Level, and I have prepared a student for her GCSE English exams.

Why I tutor:

I love to help build my students confidence, to work out how they learn best and encourage them to enjoy learning. I find it stimulating and rewarding as I see them progress. I work well with 1-2 students as I believe building a personal relationship helps facilitate the process, especially for less confident students.

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