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My name is Chiara and I was born in Italy in 1984. After a diploma in Liceo Scientifico in 2003, I graduated with full marks and honor at the Universita del Sacro Cuore of Brescia with a degree in Native e Foreign Languages (Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek, History, Art History). Then I moved to Universita del Sacro Cuore of Milan where I graduated in 2009 with a master degree in Philology and Literature (Italian and ancient Greek and Latin). In 2010 I stared working in a Secondary School (Istituto Santa Maria degli Angeli, Brescia) teaching Italian, Latin, History and Geography until the expiration of my contract in June 2013. In that time I have also gained skills in developing effective and constructive relationships with students whit special need difficulties. These involved using consistent behavior management strategies.

A thirst for knowledge and understanding of Italian as Secondary Language led me to complete in 2014 the DITALS 1 in New York, where I moved in September 2013. After my DITALS 1 I taught for nine months at Learn Italy School, teaching Italian as foreign language. During that time I have worked collaboratively with my colleagues. I plan for many exciting opportunities to ensure they are stimulated and interested in what they are being taught. This experience have given me varied circumstances in which to develop valuable experience, such as planning alone and team planning, split year group teaching and developing a wide range of assessment opportunities.

I very much likemy job and follow my training as a teacher; I am improving my abilities both of teaching and understanding the way of teaching according to the different students. I also taught for two years to a student with disabilities who needed.

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