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I read English at Oxford University and then went straight to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, from which I graduated a few weeks ago. l will be moving to London in September in order to start work as a freelance actress, musician and tutor. I come from a family of teachers and performers and though my ambition is to be an actress, I have always enjoyed teaching and I have always planned to tutor alongside performing. I spent a month completing a CELTA training course in the summer break in the middle of my acting course, and I am now a qualified teacher of English as a foreign Language. I got a pass B, a grade awarded to the top 15% of english language teacher trainees. Though my timetable was very full in Bristol I did some tutoring alongside my course which I thoroughly enjoyed and gave me valuable experience. I have had experience teaching English literature one to one with several students, some preparing for Oxbridge entrance exams and others for help with A-level preparation. I have taught business English one to one, and I have taught conversational English over skype. I have lead classes at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School's youth group 'Activ8' with several different age groups, and improvisation classes in London. The work I do in theatre and performance has many transferrable skills: people management, empathy, leadership, discipline and encouragement. Working in the theatre also teaches the skill of quickly forming trusting relationships, which is particularly useful in a one to one teaching environment.
Previous Teaching Experience:
For more details see CV Private Tuition 1:1, Oxbridge exam preparation, 1.5 hours weekly, Feb-Jun 2013 Classroom Assistant, Shakespeare Summer School, One week full time, 1-8 July 2014 CELTA course, classroom teaching – observed/assessed teaching, 6 hours over one month, 1-31 August 2013 Activ8 classroom assistant, Nov 2012 - May 2013 Private tuition 1:1, Business English (EFL), 1.5 hours weekly, Nov 2013 – Feb 2014 Private tuition over skype 1:1, Advanced English Conversation, 1.5 hours, 5 sessions March – May 2014 Workshop assistant at the London Film School/Jam Factory Improvisation course, 2 day course, occasional

English, University of Oxford, 2012
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