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Cam Tu
Religious Studies
English Literature


Bachelor of Arts

Major in English and Minor in History

Bachelor of Education

Experience includes: Work as a cover teacher for schools in South West London. Currently working as KS3 Coordinator at Stanley Park High. Short term contracts with Wimbledon College and at Chessington Community College in Kingston-Upon-Thames as an English teacher. English teacher at Ormiston Rivers Academy. I was a private tutor employed in Ottawa, Canada, for almost two years:from February 2008 to September 2010. I helped students in mathematics, science and religious studies, and exam preparation.

Why I tutor: I love teaching, but even more so when it is on a one-on-one basis. I feel like I can truly differentiate my lessons to suit that pupils needs and ensure that I am giving them the best quality teaching. I am able to work through problems more effectively and efficiently when working with one student at a time thus promising a higher success rate. I also enjoy working with pupils one-on-one a lot more because you get the chance to build a strong rapport with them.

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