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I am a bright, qualified tutor with a first class degree in English Literature and over two year’s teaching experience looking to expand my career and build on that experience. Literature, Art and History are my driving passions, and I am always looking for opportunities to share them in my work.

Previous Teaching Experience:
June 2012-Present English Tutor, Freelance - I plan and deliver bespoke classes for private students of all ages and backgrounds, tailored towards their interests and needs, from international logistics to Shakespeare. April 2013-Present English Teacher, UK Scholars, New Malden - I ran a summer school GCSE language and literature course, and run term time exam preparation classes for 11+, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IELTS. February 2014-May 2014 English Literature Teacher, Crown Woods College, Eltham - I took over underperforming AS classes to help them rejuvenate their coursework and exam preparation in only two months, as well as officially marking coursework and mock exams. September 2013-December 2013 English Language Teacher, Strode’s College, Egham - I taught a biweekly ESOL Entry Level 3 class. August 2012-July 2013 English Language Teacher, Ivydale School, Brockley - Taught a weekly class of adults, preparing them for the First Certificate in English exam, helping them integrate into Anglophone culture and increase their employment prospects. October 2012-April 2013 English Language Teacher, Oakdale College, King’s Cross - Initially covering one week, strong feedback from students and colleagues allowed me to stay and teach part-time a multilingual intermediate class and conduct mixed conversation classes. July 2012-August 2012 Trainee EFL Teacher, International House London - Developed and applied a wide variety of teaching and communication techniques May 2012 Exam Assistant, Queen Mary University of London - Assisted students with disabilities and learning difficulties according to their individual needs

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