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My Name is Benedict and I graduated from the University of Edinburgh last year with a BA in Architectural Design. I enjoyed my time studying there and learnt a great deal about the design world and process, my favourite field being in Architectural History as learning about the History of buildings is a great insight into the culture of civilizations. I grew up in London and studied at Queen Elizabeth Boys Grammar School where I did A-levels in History, Mathematics, Fine Art and Physics (AAA*A). I enjoyed the range of subjects as I have always been an inquisitive student with diverse interests. The contrasting fields of humanities, science and art lent to my degree and I employed many of the skills I had learnt during A-levels in my Architectural and Architectural theory projects. I enjoy teaching, especially tutoring as going through a subject one on one with a student can really help to overcome difficulties that may be left unaddressed in a classroom environment where the teacher has less time to speak to each individual pupil. I am a naturally good communicator and tackle difficult subjects in an easy and accessible manner.

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