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By the age of 11 I had been in 5 different schools by then across 4 countries (Yemen, Libya, Kenya and India). I was quietly slipping behind in Maths and at 13 I failed it. Luckily my dad had been a Maths tutor before. He woke me up early every morning (while my siblings slept!) and tutored me one to one Maths for a whole month. I slowly became better and better at Maths and there really was no looking back after that. I passed my re-take with flying colours and never again struggled at Maths. At 15 I arrived in the UK, adjusted to a new system, got my GCSEs, A Levels ending up doing a degree and PhD at Imperial College London in Mechanical Engineering. Worked for Rolls Royce for a while and also worked in the city designing software for Economic Cost Models and price projections for metals. I left all of it because I tutored in 2006 to raise some desperately needed cash and ended up enjoying tutoring more than anything else, and the kids always wanted me back! I enjoy tutoring because of the difference I can make to children's lives, and by that to their families lives. I do this because of the many letters, emails, texts I get thanking me of the difference I make. I do this because of the things I myself learn from being involved with different people and families. My hobbies include singing and managing a regularly gigging rock band, which I have been doing for 13 years. I like salsa dancing and hockey as well.
Previous Teaching Experience:
Around 3000 hours of 1-on-1 tuition for maths and Science Teaching assistance at primary and secondary school Tutoring at public schools Specialist examination marker for Edexcel (GCSE maths)

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