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I am a trilingual student (German/Greek/English) who is very passionate about Accounting, Finance and Economics. I am currently a Postgraduate Diploma student at the London School of Economics (LSE). Previously, I studied a BSc Economics at the University of Essex. My study at LSE is very much focused on quantitative courses such as “Quantitative Finance” and “Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets” as well as “Financial Accounting, Analysis and Valuation”. Other subjects taken at LSE are “Valuation and Security Analysis” as well as “International Finance”. The course “Quantitative Finance” is particularly interesting as it focuses on Financial Econometrics and Risk Analysis as well as Derivatives Pricing. “Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets” discusses both Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing. During my undergraduate studies I particularly focused on econometrics, mathematical economics as well as advanced level courses in macro- and microeconomics. My undergraduate project researched the topic “How do interest rates affect capital expenditure of SP500 firms” by presenting a panel data analysis conducted in STATA. I gained experience in tutoring foundation, first and second year undergraduate students in Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematics as well as Macro- and Microeconomics throughout my undergraduate study. I am also able to teach final year and postgraduate students in the area of Accounting, Finance and Economics. In addition, I taught students in basic and intermediate level German to U.S. study abroad students at a private language institution in Vienna, Austria. Outside my studies I am a passionate reader of the Financial Times, the Economist as well as various academic journal articles discussing various issues in Finance and Economics. I also enjoy learning new languages such French and Spanish. At university I am frequently taking part in various student society gatherings and going to the gym frequently. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Athanasios Dimisioris
Previous Teaching Experience:
London School of Economics: Private tutor for postgraduate students taking the courses Quantitative Finance, Corporate Finance, Investments and Financial Markets, Valuation and Security Analysis, International Finance (Oct 2013 - Jun 2014) University of Essex: Private tutor for foundation, first and second year undergraduate students in Econometrics, Statistics and Mathematics, Macro- and Microeconomics (Oct 2011 - Jun 2013); Private tutor for STATA software programming Austro-American Institute of Education, Vienna, Austria: Teacher for intermediate and advanced level German; German language conversation for U.S. study abroad students

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