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English Literature

After leaving Cambridge, I went on to work for a year at the Taipei Representative Office (the de facto embassy of Taiwan) in London, before embarking on a five-month traineeship at the European Commission, where I worked at DG DEVCO. After returning to London, I decided to embark on a career change and am currently writing a novel. I am a friendly, polite and easy-going tutor who seeks to engage with students in order to show them new angles from which they can tackle the obstacles that they encounter. I aim to create a supportive environment, in order to develop confidence and to further the student's understanding of exam technique and coursework requirements. As a child, I attended the Hall School, a leading preparatory school in North London, where I achieved excellent grades in my Common Entrance, but was unable to take up my place at Westminster School. I gained a very thorough understanding of the entrance requirements of leading UK public schools at this time, in addition to a solid grounding in the exam techniques required to attain the highest grades. I completed my MPhil in International Relations at Cambridge in 2011, having been awarded the Roosevelt Scholarship at Magdalene College. Prior to that, in 2010, I graduated from the Europaeum MA in European History and Civilisation, coordinated jointly between Oxford, Leiden and Paris 1 (Panth̩on-Sorbonne). In 2008, I gained my 1st Class BA in History from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), which provided me with an excellent insight into this discipline in a diverse and cosmopolitan environment. In 2007, I was selected to represent SOAS in the 2007 series of University Challenge.

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