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Andras is a multi-disciplinary tutor with experience in five different subjects - Economics, Business, Psychology, Politics and Law - in five different countries – United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Andras has worked with different age groups ranging from 6 to 23 years old. His assignments included Oxbridge interview preparation, essay writing skills, IB and A-level preparation as well as orientation and induction sessions in various disciplines. Speaking fluent English and German while being Hungarian native, Andras enjoyes learning about new cultures and languages.

Graduating from one of Hungary’s top Grammar Schools with flying colours and being in the 99th percentile in his final exams, Andras was offered a scholarship to read Land Economy for his BA Hons at the University of Cambridge. He took papers in Law, Economics, Real Estate Finance and Business yet his main interest lies in Development Economics where he obtained a first class in his final exam. In his second year, he was selected to represent the university at the world’s most exclusive real estate finance competition, the Cornell International Real Estate Case Competition in New York. Andras surprised the panel of experienced industry expert with his indepth analysis of a loan-to-own case even though he had never studied real estate finance before and reached 4thplac. During his time at Cambridge, he received various awards for both his academic as well as sporting excellence as a captain of the University Water Polo Club.

Andras has completed more than 550 tutorial hours over the last two years while he also gained work experience in various fields which gives him a unique perspective when tutoring social and political sciences. His sphere of interest is really diverse, ranging from pricing of exotic equity derivatives as a former CitiBank Analyst, and devising performance management schemes as a former Consultant advising the Saudi Stock Exchange, Tadawul, to discussing contemporary urban art as a freelance journalist in Berlin. He is an engaging conversationist, always upto-date in his field and hence students find it very easy to work with him. His style is easy-going and friendly yet professional and always aims to achieve the highest standard of academic excellence. Andras is a classic Cambridge-tutor in the sense that his classes are structured around debating and critical thinking. His assignments consist of diverse reading lists as well as thought-provoking and challenging essay questions.

“Learning should be an exciting voyage where students can challenge conventional wisdom and think critically within, and across, disciplines and domains of knowledge and experience. My students do not only succeed in their exams but also find their special field of interest within the subject." - Andras

The range of testimonials below demonstrate the great variety of skills and strategies Andras has proven across many different ages and levels. Many of his students have made it to Oxbridge and Ivy League. Andras has done pro bono tutoring guiding five students from less priviliged background to study to Russel Group Universities, with being accepted to Cambridge.


Thank you very much for your support in Poland, it was really nice meeting you. Before meeting you in Poland, Naif has been telling me that you are the best teacher he have ever met and I definitely agree with him. I wish that all the tutors were as flexible as you were. You were the only teacher Saud felt he could talk with about anything at anytime.

We had a very successful month with Andras as he was able to motivate Andrzej to do his homework and his grades improved substantially as a result. He even started reading The Economist in his free time. Andras understood Andrzej’s situation very quickly and due to his easy-going and friendly style developed a language of mutual respect and trust.


Main focus: Economics and Business
Other subjects: Human, Political and Social Sciences
Introduction and orientation sessions
Oxbridge interview coaching
Overseas tuition: Moscow (4wks), Riyadh (10 wks), Warsaw (15 wks), Budapest (10 wks)
Critical Thinking Skills
Executive Functioning skills (planning and organizing workload; time management; working memory; multi-tasking)
Essay Writing skills
Interview technique
Oxbridge preparation
Home-schooling experience both in the UK and overseas
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Adam, 18

Adam was bored of the Economics curriculum and wanted to challenge himself and apply the basic concepts of Economics at a higher level. From early on, Adam demonstrated a strong understanding of the main concepts and therefore it was easy to move towards more advanced topics: Urban and Regional Economics, which he keenly enjoyed. When he spent a weekend in Chicago he had an assignment to look for evidence of urban planning, take a photo and prepare a 20-slidepresentation on the topic: "What shapes urban landscapes: a case study of Chicago”. Adam handled the intentionally vague and broad topic with rigorous academic approach, drawing on various theories and examples from previous readings while keeping a well-structured story line. Adam has good chances now, years later, when he is applying to the most selective Master programmes in the world at All Souls College, Oxford, which used to be famous for its vague and broad essay questions, like "Water. Discuss."

Naif, 17

Naif went to a school in his home country where the pass rate for the International Baccaleaurate was 26%. He struggled with basic numeracy and literacy. His interest in Business did not go beyond finding out the revenue of his favourite basketball team from ticket sales. Over the course of 2 months intensive homeschooling to prepare him for his exams, it turned out that he could easily grasp even the most complex concepts of IB Business ...once he could link it to his favourite basketball team!This way learning became a little game for him that he, being competitive by nature, wanted to become very good at. He received full marks for his Extended Essay and managed to pass the IB.

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