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An enthusiastic and self-motivated individual. Enjoys working as a team and is able to work on his own initiative, using adaptable personality to rise to any challenges and work easily within any job roles. Driven to reach targets, with excellent time management skills. Looking to work in a company which offers flexibility and the opportunity to develop his career further, with a commitment to succeed.
Previous Teaching Experience:
I have previously volunteered to work in a homework club held in my local library for younger students. This opportunity allowed me to help students with their English, Math’s and Science homework, control the class and learn how to interact with younger people more confidently. In addition to this, I had the opportunity to travel to the states for a youth dialogue programme. During my time at Chicago, I participated in a voluntary activity at Horizons youth club. This enabled me to help children recognise and achieve their full potential. My experience allowed me to create vision, strategies, and plans for effective follow-on projects.

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