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Alya is currently completing MSCi Mathematics with Economics at the world-renowned institute at UCL.

Throughout her life, she has been travelling extensively whilst living in many different cities such as London, Cairo, New York and New Delhi which has remarkably enhanced her communication and language skills. She speaks fluent Arabic, English and French and has recently added Spanish to her list of languages.

She undertook the French baccalaureate, the scientific branch S with SPE maths, in addition to studies within the Egyptian and English system.

Alya has shown consistent determination, organisation, independence, focus and commitment by participating in mathematical, political science and philosophical societies and competitions since a very young age. One word commonly used to describe Alya is ‘brilliant’.

She has been tutoring Maths, Sciences and Languages in and out of schools for several years. Furthermore, she is a UCL transition mentor for mathematics students in their 1st term. Her passion for tutoring and education comes from her childhood and can be felt quickly in the first few seconds of her lessons as she is adored by her students.

Outside of her academic life, Alya has a wide range of hobbies going from jogging to travelling, painting and socialising. She describes tutoring as a win-win situation where the student learns from her whilst she learns from him/her no matter his/her age.


"Throughout my life, I have been travelling and changing educational system which showed me that anything can be achieved with time, determination and high self-esteem. Therefore, these are the qualities I use to approach my students and further instil within them.

I am determined, organised, focused and aim to achieve my goals no matter the time and effort it takes. Therefore, I tend to work on the appointed weakness through a very specified plan to not only meet the requirement but to challenge the student to go beyond his/her foreseen horizons.

My ever changing environment had enabled me to have a wide network and student going from young children to senior adults.

Therefore, I tend to build a friendships with my students which allows them to enter their comfort zone; enabling them to reach their maximum potential."



Mathematics –all levels up to university/Higher Education
Early years
Science- up to GCSE
Languages: Arabic and French
English IELTS
Common Entrance
Independent School Entrance Exams

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