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I graduated from King’s College London in the summer of 2013, and I am now completing two years of law school before I start training at an international law firm in the City. I specialise in tutoring History, English and languages, either as an on-going process to complement school work during the course of the school year, or for more intensive exam preparation. I am fluent in French and speak Advanced Russian. I believe that extra individual attention in the subjects I tutor is always beneficial. My approach is to work through a subject simply and methodically, through outlining specific and manageable goals. I focus on fostering and instigating understanding of concepts and topics directly from my students in stages, in addition to explaining subjects to them. In my spare time I enjoy playing jazz piano, singing and rugby.
Previous Teaching Experience:
Two years’ experience working as a private tutor of French, History and English, for pupils of various levels. Successfully taught two students Russian GCSE last year for which they both achieved A*s. I successfully prepared a student in the USA over a year for common entrance in all requisite subjects and successful entry into Harrow School.

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