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Alex is currently pursuing a PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London, having previously completed his MSci in mathematics and ARCS there as well. It was at Imperial that Alex developed his passion for teaching, beginning teaching GCSE and A-Level Mathematics and Science in 2010, before moving on to work with students at undergraduate level in 2012. As a PhD student, he has had an excellent opportunity to take on both taught and independent learning, as well as teaching new undergraduates in individual, small group and full class situations, through his capacity as a graduate teaching assistant in the department of mathematics, for which he was awarded the FoNS (Faculty of Natural Sciences) award for Excellence in Teaching 2013. Alex teaches chemistry and physics at GCSE and A Level, and mathematics from GCSE to 3rd year undergraduate. He has also taught programming in C++ at undergraduate level, and the use of software such as MATLAB.

MSc, Maths, Imperial College London, 2012
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St Dunstan's College, London
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