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I am a highly motivated and experienced Tutor with an enhanced DBS certificate and a strong background in providing professional tutoring services to students with diverse backgrounds. I started offering a private tutoring service in 2009 once I had completed my A-levels. Whilst I particularly enjoy working with younger students, I have worked with students at SATs and GCSE level as well as A-level students. My main subjects are English, Maths, Law, Psychology and Business studies. My experience with young people has allowed me to become very confident and to develop my own style of teaching. I endeavour to create a comfortable working environment by learning each student’s learning style and tailoring my classes to their needs. I have spent my gap year working for a charity whilst earning from my tutoring service in Cambridge. I am about to embark on my Masters programme which I will be completing part time meaning I will have a lot of time to work with students.
Previous Teaching Experience:
I have been private tutoring now for nearly 6 years - 2 of which were gap years in which I tutored several young people. I particularly enjoy working with students under 11 years, however, I have worked with students of a wide age range. Subjects OI have taught include, Law at A-Level and GCSE level, English at GCSE level, Biology at GCSE level and Maths for those in Year 9 and under.

Law, University of Cambridge, 2013
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