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<p>Thomas&nbsp;was born in Cyprus in 1992. He is a graduate of Imperial College London with a BSc on Geophysics and currently has started his MSc at UCL on Data Science. Straight after high school, he served the Cypriot army in Naval Special Forces for two years. This taught him a great deal about determination and responsibility. In his free time, he had been tutoring other undergraduate students offering them academic support. During summer he had also been working as a Lifeguard in Hilton Hotel. He is currently working as a receptionist at a martial arts gym where he trains as well. He is a very positive person who always tries to look on the positive side of life and successfully manages to pass this to other people.</p>


<p>&quot;They loved it! So happy with how much the boys enjoyed it. Thomas was terrific with them.&quot;</p>


BSc, Geophysics, Imperial College London
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